Nanotech Corporation (NC):

Nanotech Corporation (NC), is a first ranking exclusive distributor and agent of some world renowned brands like Panreac AppliChem (Germany),Ratiolab GmbH (Germany),Jena Bioscience GmbH (Germany),PAN Biotech GmbH (Germany),SERVA Electrophoresis GmbH(Germany),Slamed ING GmbH (Germany),Quality Lab Accessories LLC. (USA),Bio-World (USA),ExtraGene Inc.(USA,Rephile Bioscience Ltd.(USA),United States Biologicals (USA),Esco Micro Pte Ltd. (Singapore) and has been a pioneer of introducing modern research lab instruments and equipments, reagents and consumables in the bimolecular research labs and pharmaceuticals industry of Bangladesh.

Our success:

Our success depends on our customer focused policy, integrity and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business through the application of performance based evaluation and continuous monitoring. We do believe that it is not subjective or emotional, but rather a logical, open and rational business management process.

We Compete Intensely and Win:

We compete intensely and maintain high ethical standards and demand integrity in our dealings with competitors, customers, partners and each other. We adopt win-win business policy for both our internal and external customers.

We Create Value for Our Staff :

We are relentless in applying the highest ethical standards to our products, services and communications. And every step of the way, we are guided by the values that define us.

We Trust and Respect Each Other:

We attract diverse, capable and committed people and provide an environment that fosters inclusion, respect, individual responsibility and values diversity. Trust is strengthened through personal initiative and by obtaining quality service in time.

We Ensure Quality:

Quality is a cornerstone of all of our activities. We seek the highest quality information, decisions and people. We promote high quality products and services. Quality is woven into the fabric of everything we do.

We Work in Teams:

Our diverse team structure provides opportunities for Nanotech Corporation staff to impact the direction of the organization, to gain broader perspective about other functions within Nanotech Corporation and to reach their full potential.

Contact Information:

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